[Mono-devel-list] ObjectSpaces + momentum = ORM soup.

Richard Thombs mono at stony.org
Tue Nov 11 12:07:17 EST 2003

Rafael, I found them here:



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call me lazy but can you tell me the url of where you're getting the
method/class list for these namespaces? 

- rafael 

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 14:32, Mark Easton wrote:
> Sweetness and light - it looks like this ObjectSpaces malarkey is 
> gathering some decent momentum.  As far as my investigations have 
> taken me I reckon the following namespaces will need to be covered at 
> a bare
> minimum:
> System.Data.ObjectSpaces
> System.Data.ObjectSpaces.Query System.Data.ObjectSpaces.Schema
> System.Data.Mapping
> System.Data.Mapping.RelationalSchema
> I've started writing stubs etc for the System.Data.ObjectSpaces 
> namespace and have so far managed to do a number of types, including: 
> ObjectSpace, ObjectEngine, ObjectContext, ObjectKey, ASTBaseParser, 
> AstKeywords, CommonObjectContext, CompiledQuery, ContextException, 
> ValueRecordMergeEventArgs and ValueRecordMergeEventHandler.  If 
> Richard, Matthew and Rafael are okay with it, I'll keep on plugging 
> through the System.Data.ObjectSpaces namespace and I'd recommend that 
> if you want to grab some of the other namespaces then we can hopefully

> meet in the middle.
> Also, having no Mono dev experience what's the take on uploading files

> to CVS?  I know I'll need to get an account sorted and all that Jazz, 
> but once I've done that, is it acceptable to upload files with 
> complete type signatures?
> Mark
> Ps Out of interest, does anyone know what the release schedule is like

> for whideby or is it going to be closely tied to the Longhorn or Yukon

> release?
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