[Mono-devel-list] BigInteger...

Pieter Philippaerts Pieter at mentalis.org
Sun Nov 9 23:20:13 EST 2003

What happened to the BigInteger class in Mono 0.28?
I wrote some code that uses the BigInteger, and it compiled correctly on
Mono 0.26, but when I try to compile it on 0.28, the compiler says "Cannot
find type `BigInteger'". If I compile the code with 0.26 and run it with
0.28, the code is able to access the BigInteger class without a problem.

Also, does anyone know how to force the runtime to use the Win32 random
number generator? I followed the instructions at http://tinyurl.com/uckw,
but Mono 0.28 seems to ignore the machine.config file [it keeps using the
*nix-only RNG implementation after making the modifications]. Mono 0.26 does
not seem to have a machine.config file [well.. I can't find it].

Pieter Philippaerts

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