[Mono-devel-list] strange problem with mod_mono_server

Maciej Peruga peru at peru.fun.szn.pl
Sat Nov 8 09:19:19 EST 2003

Thanks Gonzalo , for your answer..
I  fixed as You mentioned "/mono/ -> /mono" , I know ...I should read instruction more carefully :o)..sorry
I found next bug....in my Apache2 config file I had aplications/.. it should be aplication/...
..but mod_mono_server still dosen't work correctly. May by when I describe results of mod_mono_servers work
in detail ...You help me find a reason that behaviour..so:
- when  I start my browser with page http://my-ip:8080/mono/index.aspx in catalog /tmp  new file
tmpXXXX.dll appears (for sure it is ok )..system makes them in time of 3-4 seconds , hard disk works hard :o)
, at the end my browser want to save  index.aspx :o(...I spend a lot of time trying solve that problem,
...but without the effects..please help...give me some tips ...
my soft:
Mono0.28 from .debs..and all packets needed
Mod_mono-0.5 ... src...
apache2-2.0.47..from .debs
xsp-6.0...or ...xsp-5.0..src..   

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