[Mono-devel-list] Version moniker for Mono Release

Richard Thombs mono at stony.org
Thu Nov 6 18:27:47 EST 2003

I don't think a non-confusing versioning system is possible while we
have a single branch of Mono attempting to be compatible with multiple
.NET branches.

How about having Mono branches, each one dedicated to supporting a
specific version of .NET?

Mono-1.0 -> Compatible with .NET 1.0
Mono-1.1 -> Compatible with .NET 1.1

The main differences in the branches would be the build systems, which
would pick and choose which classes and compiler versions they should
build. I'm pretty dumb when it comes to CVS, so I'm not sure how easy
this would be to implement. SubVersion could handle it though :^)


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