[Mono-devel-list] A few clarafications

Etienne Boucher etienne at novat.qc.ca
Sun Nov 2 17:51:55 EST 2003

Sorry to ask these silly questions, I'm new to .NET and I would like to
clarify a few things about mono.

1) Are 100% .NET applications going to be truly platform-independant the way
java applications are as long as there is a framework available for the used

And assuming the anwser is yes:
2) What about endianess issues or charset issues of a tcp client made for
Windows that uses bytes for text if it was to run on a PPC?
3) Will applications that use Windows.Forms without any P/Invoke or Wndproc
overload will be able to run on mono without using wine as is?

Etienne Boucher

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