[Mono-devel-list] [PATCH] changes in System.Data

Eran Domb erand at mainsoft.com
Sun Nov 2 04:17:10 EST 2003

I have made some changes in System.Data:
* DataColeumn.cs (DefaultValue) : Changing null value to DBNull.
Checking that the type of the new default value 
            can be converted to the column type.
            * DataRelationCollection.cs (AddCore) : Give the new FK the
name of the relation.
            * DataRow.cs (EndEdit) : Check if we need to validate the
            (GetParentRows, GetChildRows) : Checking that the row has
the wanted version, before accessing the row's value.
            * DataRowCollection.cs (Add) : Fixing a bug. 
            (Clear) : Before clearing the array check that there is no
violation of FK constraint.
            * DataSet.cs (Prefix) : If value is null change it to empty
            (GetXml) : Removing the Processing Instructions from the xml
string as in MS ADO.NET.
            * ExpressionElement : Adding support for IN expression.
            * DataTable (CopyConstraints) : New method that copy the
tables constraints to the copy table.
            (Select) : Adding support for DataViewwRowState.
            * ForeignKeyConstraint.cs (AssertConstraint) : Adding
*         MergeManager.cs (MergeRow) : Fix bugs.
If no one objects I will commit them.
Eran Domb
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