[Mono-devel-list] IBM DB2 and .NET (Stinger)

Rob.Tillie at Student.tUL.EDU Rob.Tillie at Student.tUL.EDU
Sat Nov 1 16:58:35 EST 2003

Don't get me wrong Miguel, 
I wasn't judging IBM, I was just wondering the implications, if it's just
for their DB2 customers, then that's that. However, if the reason was the
second, this would imply (among others) that we can expect more .NET support
/ products from IBM(apart from Rational), which would be great.
.NET is a great world, but so far, Microsoft hasn't had that much
competition. Having more big companies in the world would increase
competition, increase adoption, increase Mono usage by those companies(e.g.
IBM is heavily promoting linux, so Mono would be an obvious choice), and
increase innovation. 

Up till now IBM has been very quiet in the .NET world, and I certainly hope
this will change. Therefore I was wondering if it was just a 'DB2-only'
thing, or that DB2 was the first of many to come...
I would love to see IBM following the Borland way by supporting both

-- Rob.

> > I'm wondering what IBM's reason is to support .NET... in any case, by
> > providing .NET support IBM confirms .NET's increasing market
> adoptance...
> > but I only can see I few reasons:
> There is nothing wrong with providing choice.
> .NET is the Windows API, and it only makes sense to leverage it.
> Miguel

I obviously wasn't making myself clear here... ;)

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