[Mono-devel-list] IBM DB2 and .NET (Stinger)

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sat Nov 1 13:10:42 EST 2003


> Very interesting
> >- Take advantage of DB2's native stored procedure capability by developing
> >on the Windows
> >platform and deploying across all supported DB2 platforms
> How could they do that without a CLR for every DB2 platform ?
> Unless there are small print characters at the end of document ;-)

Funny.  I asked this exact same question at the `Embedding the CLR'
panel during the PDC to the IBM guy (he was an invited expert in the

They said that they had no plans at this point of supporting Mono on
other platforms and mostly focused on getting the reliability on
Windows for now, but that the option was not closed.  Something along
those lines.

The IBM DB2 developer explained that DB2 does not host the CLR directly
on the same process as the database.   It hosts it on a separate
process, and they have some IPC mechanism to talk to it.  That allows
them to host three scripting languages: Java, the CLR and their own,
without having each one fighting for more control than they can provide. 

I obviously would love to see IBM embed Mono as their offering on Unix,
but it is early to tell.


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