[Mono-devel-list] /usr/include vs /usr/local/include

WC -Sx- Jones lists at insecurity.org
Fri May 9 20:05:56 EDT 2003

[Please excuse the cross post]

Another small FYI concerning building on Solaris 9 Ultrasparc:

GC is installed into /usr/local/include/gc*.h files...  But mono is 
looking in:
/usr/include/gc/*  (Note the gc directory requirement...)

Either way I had to manually copy the correct header files and then:

# ln -s /usr/include/gc /usr/local/include/gc

Also, the gc* installation procedure DOES NOT copy all the required 
header files to the correct *include* director(y|ies) ...

All of this is from the go-mono.com/download.html "Get Sources" page 
and using the Manual install methods...

I should be a few steps closer to success on Solaris 9 ... I hope...

PS - It is compiling now, but it is generating a ton of:
warning: cast increases required alignment of target type

Cheers  :)
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