[Mono-devel-list] Unable to get mcs to compile from cvs

Jean-Marc André jean-marc.andre at polymtl.ca
Fri May 9 18:05:01 EDT 2003

Same problem for me....

Paul wrote:

>I've just performed a cvs update to mcs and tried to make. All goes well
>make[3]: Entering directory '/home/paul/mcs/class/System.XML'
>MONO_PATH=../../class/lib: mono ../../mcs/mcs.exe --target library
>--noconfig --o ../../class/lib/System.Xml.dll -r corlib System
>System.Xml.Serialization/XmlSerializer.cs(107) error CS0246: Cannot find
>type 'TypeTablePool'
>Is this down to me or a problem on CVS?

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