[Mono-devel-list] Use the .build file

Forjan Frédéric forjan at essi.fr
Fri Mar 7 17:55:18 EST 2003

Hello everybody i just try mono 0.22 today and it's great....
congratulations to all !

Now, i have download the Jabber C# projet. I suppose they work on win32
platform with some Microsoft GUI - i don't have win so i don't know the

But, i found one file, call test.build.
I look this file, and it seems to be a makefile... and yes i know it is
a ant build file with one specific rule, "csc" ... so my questions are :
- where does the file come ?
- have you a utilitie to use it ?
if answer is "no", do you have some discussions about it ? in this 
case, forget my mail... and do you plan to use ant with it ? or you own
C# builder ?

PS: ant project is http://ant.apache.org

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