[Mono-devel-list] Re: Native Win32 Mono

Reggie Burnett rykr at bellsouth.net
Fri Mar 7 09:42:17 EST 2003


What are the steps you are using to compile Mono without cygwin?  I have
been very interested in compiling Mono using MSVC.

Is there a Nant build file for this?


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> * Daniel Morgan (danmorg at sc.rr.com) [030306 18:16]:
> > How is the Native Win32 version of Mono coming along?
> >
> As of right now, I have been able to build the mono/mcs 0.22 releases
> that do not need cygwin's dll's  Of course, I think we've already been
> able to do this.
> However, for some reason, there are some parts of MCS I *can't* build
> with csc.  Namely most of nunit fails, as well as the LDAP libraries.
> I have some patches that work around this, but it isn't elegant.
> I am also building against the dropline.net GTK+ distribution.  Now
> there, I can either make mono-win32 dependent on their dist (which is
> up-to-date glib/gtk 2.2), or just bundle the DLLs I use in the
> > We need a standard set of registry keys.  Should we use what Gert
> Driesen
> > proposed?
> Those seem fine.  Also, would anyone be willing to put the mono/mcs
> bins on the system PATH?  The only issue I see are some programs
> drop in replacements for the Win32 versions yet...
> >
> > Can you provide provide us with the goodies, such as, details,
> > source code, binaries, etc...?  I'm sure others are interested in
> you
> > have been working on...
> I have 4 patches.  Most right now remove things from the MCS build,
> since they seem to be broken under csc.  There are a few fixes that
> real.  I'll push those as soon as I clean up the patches.
> But for a heads up, debug-jit.c won't build if on Win32, since wthat
> file doesn't pull in PLATFORM_WIN32 from config.h.  This leads to a
> problem in debug.h.  This is a "simple, must-fix issue"
> The mcs/class/library.build is missing Npgsql.  That's an easy add.
> The last, and the one I haven't tested hardcore yet, is adding
> -mms-bitfields to the build args.  This will allow "full"
> with the MSVC compiler.  The downside is that you're now locked into
> either using mingw or MSVC IIRC.  Also, this can be a "win" if I can
> get libmono building as a dll.  For some reason, I'm not getting one.
> That's something I need to look into.
> As for registry keys, I know where to add a runtime check for them.
> just need to agree on an install layout of sorts.  Since mono can
> support looking for the libs elsewhere, I say put the DLL's off the
> path, and set a reg key so mono/mint can find them.  Then put the
> onto the system path.
> The last thing I'd like to see is to split the mono runtime from the
> headers for development/mono embedding.  Whether or not that is a good
> idea is another story...
> Mark

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