[Mono-devel-list] Re: Native Win32 Mono

Mark Crichton crichton at gimp.org
Fri Mar 7 00:11:04 EST 2003

* Daniel Morgan (danmorg at sc.rr.com) [030306 18:16]:
> How is the Native Win32 version of Mono coming along?

As of right now, I have been able to build the mono/mcs 0.22 releases
that do not need cygwin's dll's  Of course, I think we've already been
able to do this.

However, for some reason, there are some parts of MCS I *can't* build
with csc.  Namely most of nunit fails, as well as the LDAP libraries.
I have some patches that work around this, but it isn't elegant.

I am also building against the dropline.net GTK+ distribution.  Now
there, I can either make mono-win32 dependent on their dist (which is
up-to-date glib/gtk 2.2), or just bundle the DLLs I use in the installer.

> We need a standard set of registry keys.  Should we use what Gert Driesen
> proposed?

Those seem fine.  Also, would anyone be willing to put the mono/mcs
bins on the system PATH?  The only issue I see are some programs aren't
drop in replacements for the Win32 versions yet...

> Can you provide provide us with the goodies, such as, details, pathces,
> source code, binaries, etc...?  I'm sure others are interested in what you
> have been working on...

I have 4 patches.  Most right now remove things from the MCS build,
since they seem to be broken under csc.  There are a few fixes that are
real.  I'll push those as soon as I clean up the patches.

But for a heads up, debug-jit.c won't build if on Win32, since wthat
file doesn't pull in PLATFORM_WIN32 from config.h.  This leads to a
problem in debug.h.  This is a "simple, must-fix issue"

The mcs/class/library.build is missing Npgsql.  That's an easy add.

The last, and the one I haven't tested hardcore yet, is adding
-mms-bitfields to the build args.  This will allow "full" compatability
with the MSVC compiler.  The downside is that you're now locked into
either using mingw or MSVC IIRC.  Also, this can be a "win" if I can
get libmono building as a dll.  For some reason, I'm not getting one.
That's something I need to look into.

As for registry keys, I know where to add a runtime check for them.  We
just need to agree on an install layout of sorts.  Since mono can
support looking for the libs elsewhere, I say put the DLL's off the
path, and set a reg key so mono/mint can find them.  Then put the exe's
onto the system path.

The last thing I'd like to see is to split the mono runtime from the
headers for development/mono embedding.  Whether or not that is a good
idea is another story...


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