[Mono-devel-list] coco/r c#

Derek Gottfrid derek at codecubed.com
Mon Mar 3 16:03:59 EST 2003

I have been trying to use the coco/r c# compiler generator for sometime
w/out success. Initially I made a couple of small changes in the Coco/R
source to switch file path separators from \ to / and it does run and work
now but the code it generates is incorrect. It works fine under ms .net sdk
version of things.  I also tried this with pnet and it gave me the same
results.  Has anybody had an success in getting coco/r to work properly
under mono? The code is fairly straight forward and I have read through
most of it but haven't been over it with the debugger yet (is the debugger
functional now? is there any good docs on using the debugger? )


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