[Mono-devel-list] Re: XmlSerializer status

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ideary.com
Fri Jun 13 18:27:18 EDT 2003

Hi Atsushi!

> Hello,
> > The XmlSerializer is now mostly complete. It has support for all
> > customization attributes, and it is able to generate and read XML
> > in both literal and encoded format. It can serialize all types
> > supported by the MS.NET serializer (including DataSet, although
> > it doesn't work yet because it relies on the xml serialization
> > methods of DataSet which are not yet complete).
> I has been overwhelmed with your magical works! It is really cool.
> Then, here are some points I have noticed related to XmlQualifiedName:
> * When I tried to serialize XmlQualifiedName as nullable element
>   (IsNullable=true), MS.NET (my environment is 1.0) reports an
>   error that it cannot be nullable. I think, it is because
>   XmlSerializer should ignore XmlQualifiedName.Empty (and those
>   which equals to Empty), and to do so, IsNullable is in the way.
>   It also prevents me from deserializing my simple xml schema stuff
>   (emptiable XmlSchemaElement.RefName).

I haven´t tested this. Is it serialized as an attribute?

> * I failed to deserialize XmlQualifiedName as an attribute.
>   I attached my fix. (It is apart from XmlCustomFormatter, since
>   qname deserialization is tied to XmlReader which contains
>   existing namespaces.)

Ok, fixed, thanks!. I´ve modified your patch a bit. I now deal with the
case of QNames in the GetValueFromXmlString method.

> With your recent fix, I think it won't be so long to become
> able to deserialize XmlSchema. (it is really nice example,
> rich in XmlAttributes. ServiceDescription class is also.)

Nice nice, it will be also a good test case.


> Thanks,
>   Atsushi Eno

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