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Fri Jun 13 15:07:53 EDT 2003


> The XmlSerializer is now mostly complete. It has support for all 
> customization attributes, and it is able to generate and read XML
> in both literal and encoded format. It can serialize all types
> supported by the MS.NET serializer (including DataSet, although 
> it doesn't work yet because it relies on the xml serialization 
> methods of DataSet which are not yet complete).

I has been overwhelmed with your magical works! It is really cool.

Then, here are some points I have noticed related to XmlQualifiedName:

* When I tried to serialize XmlQualifiedName as nullable element
  (IsNullable=true), MS.NET (my environment is 1.0) reports an 
  error that it cannot be nullable. I think, it is because 
  XmlSerializer should ignore XmlQualifiedName.Empty (and those 
  which equals to Empty), and to do so, IsNullable is in the way.
  It also prevents me from deserializing my simple xml schema stuff
  (emptiable XmlSchemaElement.RefName).

* I failed to deserialize XmlQualifiedName as an attribute.
  I attached my fix. (It is apart from XmlCustomFormatter, since
  qname deserialization is tied to XmlReader which contains 
  existing namespaces.)

With your recent fix, I think it won't be so long to become
able to deserialize XmlSchema. (it is really nice example,
rich in XmlAttributes. ServiceDescription class is also.)

  Atsushi Eno
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