[Mono-devel-list] Re: History Lesson : Mono was the first open source .net project? I dont think so.

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Tue Jun 3 12:14:26 EDT 2003

On 06/03/03 James Michael DuPont wrote:
> It is stating that when the mono project was started,
> there was nothing at all. "Am anfang war nichts."

As dietmar translated the context, your reading of the text is a little
confused and your small quote at the very least deceiving.

> It has no mention of the dotgnu project, or the pnet work done by rhys
> before the mono project was started. I was quite suprised about this,

BTW, I think it's fine if the authors decided to mention pnet in the
next releases, it's their book and their choice. Contrary to what your
high level of paranoia makes you think, the mono project and developers
don't control the press, the authors or whatever.
But frankly, what does it matter that pnet was the first to have some
code? What matters is having a free software .net framework working and 
mono had that several months before pnet. That is the major reason that
so much people play and hack on mono:

*) mono is free software
*) mono has large chunks of the framework implemented
*) it's easy for people to contribute to mono
*) mono is faster

If you want to advertize pnet, whining that it was the first only makes
you look childish.

> I cannot find any mention of the fact that the pnet project was started
> first on the web page. There does not seem to be any objective account

Dude, you have an obsession with this "who was first", do we have to
expect you to claim you have it bigger after this issue has settled?
I just want to mention here, since you claim to do history lessons, but
you didn't do your homework, that the mono project mentioned pnet
prominently on the home page when we tryed to make the two projects
cooperate and it's still there in the news and in the list. The same can't 
be said the other way even if pnet uses code from the mono project.
Now, you don't hear us screaming around about that, because, frankly,
we're more interested in writing free software that benefits users and
developers than pumping an ego or making unsubstantiated accusations
as people like you like doing.

> I was wondering if anyone cares to comment on this?

Yes, take it easy, enjoy your hacking.


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