[Mono-devel-list] autogen problem

Todd Berman tberman at gentoo.org
Wed Jul 23 12:20:31 EDT 2003

> i have searched around, and all i found on this problem is that perhaps
> my autoconf version was out of date. however, i have 
> Autoconf version 2.13 as default. 2.57 is also installed. my system is
> gentoo 1.4_rc4.
I am going to address this question in two parts.

1) Are you using the ebuild or are you compiling from source tarball or
cvs? If you are using the ebuild, this is a gentoo related bug, and
should be filed on bugs.gentoo.org not here. If it is the source tarball
or cvs you are most likely in the right place, but filing on
bugs.gentoo.org as well is never a bad idea.

As a gentoo developer, I see these sorts of issues cropping up every
once and a while, and the users propensity to run to the upstream
developers with a problem that is very potentially a gentoo problem, not
an upstream problem is very bad. It gives gentoo the distro a very bad
name, and it reflects very poorly on our developers.
2) Now, as I said, this is potentially a mono issue, which i doubt, it
builds fine here, and potentially a gentoo issue, which i also doubt,
running a ~x86 up to date system here and it works. However, most likely
your system is out of date, or that 2.13 default is messing up mono. I
would try messing with WANT_AUTOCONF_2_57.


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