[Mono-devel-list] Installation FAQ-let.

Seth J. Fogarty sfogarty at students.uiuc.edu
Tue Jul 8 16:07:28 EDT 2003

I wrote this up so other people in the project could install mono when I
took the computer away, and cause it seemed like something I could do that
might be useful. So here it is.

**Begin guide**
Installation guide: From scratch to mono.
Seth Fogarty
Email: sfogarty at uiuc.edu
AIM: Sorrath

This guide is designed for a Rebian system, but does NOT use an apt-get
installation. It is for building from scratch. The only debian-specific
section should be the appendix on necessary packages. It is heavily derived
from an email from Ben Maurer on Jun 13, 2003, which can be found at:

I installed to the directory /jumbolike. Decide where you are going to install
and substitute that for /jumbolike everywhere in the guide.

There are four steps to installing mono:
1) Edit the /etc/profile or /etc/profile.d
2) Check out the source code.
3) Download a monocharge tarball.
4) Make and install.

1) Edit /etc/profile or /etc/profile.d.
First thing, see if you have an /etc/profile.d. If you do, make the following
changes to it. If you don't, modify /etc/profile instead. I just put on the
end of /etc/profile, but Ben's instructions were:
"In /etc/profile.d make a new .sh file:"

The changes are:


As I said, replace /jumbolike/install as appropriate. Note you cannot use ~.

Either reboot the computer or source the profile. Rebooting is useful so you
don't have to source it every time you start a new shell.

2) Checkout
Create the directory you mentioned above.  Make certain that the directory is
chowned to some non-root account. No real reason to do this as root.

for me, this was
	mkdir /jumbolike; chown sfogarty:sfogarty /jumbolike; chmod aug+rx /jumbolike

Now check out mono, mcs, gtk-sharp, and monodoc. After you type cvs login, just hit enter for the password.
	export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous at anoncvs.go-mono.com:/mono
	cvs login
	cvs -z3 co mcs mono gtk-sharp monodoc

3) Getting the monocharge
You need the monocharge to bootstrap your system. Get the address from the irc
channel (irc.gnome.org, #mono), the mcs/README.building file, or
http://www.gotmono.com/sapians/jackson/. Download the latest one and tar -zxvf
it into /jumbolike. I used monocharge-20030616, so substitute as appropriate below.

4) Building. This is pretty simple, but you have to know what has autogen and what doesn't.

	cd mono
	./autogen.sh --prefix=/jumbolike/install
	make; make install; cd ..

	cp monocharge-20030616/lib/* /jumbolike/install/lib/
	cp monocharge-20030616/bin/mcs.exe /jumbolike/install/bin

	cd mcs
	make; make install prefix=/jumbolike/install; cd..

	cd gtk-sharp
	./autogen.sh --prefix=/jumbolike/install
	make; make install; cd ..

	cd monodoc
	./autogen.sh --prefix=/jumbolike/install
	make; make install; cd ..

And you should be done.

Appendix: Necessary packages. Below are the packages, by name, needed in Debian. Extrapolate as needed for other distributions.


Optional, for gtk-sharp:
	gnome-sharap: libgnome2-dev
	flade-sharp: libglade2-dev
	gda-sharp: libgda2-dev
	gnomedb-sharp: libgnomedb2-dev
	rsvg-sharp: librsvg2-dev

**End guide**
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