[Mono-devel-list] Re: Performance Test

Richard Torkar richard.torkar at htu.se
Tue Jul 1 13:03:20 EDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-07-01 at 18:26, David Jeske wrote:
> (warning, microbenhmarks ahead) I repeated my simple performance test
> on Mono 0.25 (win32), and I was surprised to find that mini (on
> windows) core-dumps trying to run the program. It does this whether it
> was compiled with mcs or csc. mono works fine. All my redhat systems
> are 6.2 so it's not as easy for me to test on Linux.
> You can get my script here:
>  http://mozart.chat.net/~jeske/Projects/ScriptPerf/download/scriptperf.cs

I ran this on my not-so-good-lapop. (P3 700MHz, 256 MB RAM)
(this is with the cvs version of mcs and mono)

[xyz@~]$ mcs scriptperf.cs
Compilation succeeded
[xyz@~]$ mono scriptperf.exe
loop_test   500000 elapsed: 0.103
index_test   1000000 elapsed: 11.673
index_string_test   1000000 elapsed: 2.227
nested_int_test   23 elapsed: 0.072
nested_test   23 elapsed: 0.139
return_test   5000000 elapsed: 0.117
object_test   5000000 elapsed: 0.158

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