[Mono-devel-list] Embeddable interpreter

Bernie Solomon bernard at ugsolutions.com
Wed Dec 17 15:54:14 EST 2003

I have made the interpreter embeddable in a similar style to the JIT  which
isn't a big code change. The main thing I want to check is that the names of
things that I have chosen are OK with everyone. The change adds:

mint.pc for pkg-config
libmint.so - the library like libmono.so (mint's main basically just calls a
mono_main in this)
mono/interpreter/embed.h as an installed header

The routines in embed.h to correspond to the JIT ones and are as below
(basically replacing "jit" with "interp") - though one option would be to
make all the names identical in both cases - which means changing both
(perhaps leaving the jit entry points for existing code).

I created a testi.c in the samples/embed directory which has the name
changes in it (note my testing so far has only consisted of this).

I don't think anything else is a big change. If this is all OK I will

mono_main (int argc, char* argv[]);

MonoDomain *
mono_interp_init(const char *file);

mono_interp_exec(MonoDomain *domain, MonoAssembly *assembly, int argc, char

mono_interp_cleanup(MonoDomain *domain);

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