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Rob.Tillie at Student.tUL.EDU Rob.Tillie at Student.tUL.EDU
Wed Dec 17 14:54:31 EST 2003

In the Mono roadmap there's some mention of CAS:

"A missing component of Mono is the Code Access Security (CAS). This
functionality is not needed in today's Mono as currently Mono is being used
to run fully trusted applications, and we are not using it on embedded
scenarios where assemblies would have different trust levels. 

This is an important component, but requires three major pieces of work: 

- Runtime support for implementing the security demands. 
- A guidelines document outlining what and where must have security demands
in place. 
- A full audit of our class libraries: method by method 
All of these are major pieces of work, and we currently have no plans to
implement any of those. A volunteer effort might be able to help with the
runtime requirements and the document, but until those are done, we are
unlikely to start doing any work on the actual class library audit and

Hope this helps,
-- Rob.

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> I'm interested in looking at the implementation of code access security
> for
> my university thesis.  I've researched this for some time under .NET.  Is
> anyone already working on this task?  Does anyone have any initial
> thoughts
> about the level of difficulty, or how this might be implemented?
> Ben
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