[Mono-devel-list] Nested SqlDataReader fails?

Eduardo A. Flores Verduzco eduardoflores at fusionmxsoftware.com
Tue Dec 16 21:19:18 EST 2003


First time I post here... If this is not the correct place, please tell me
to change it.

It seems that when you nest SqlDataReader Read() methods on different
DataReader objects (even on different methods), the first one is lost and an
exception is thrown or the execution stops with no message.

I'm attaching the code.  It uses the Northwind database to test. If you
select "1", the program searches all the products, and for each one looks
its category. If you select "2", the program ask for a categoryID to look
for (no nesting, just to test that every category is accesible, use anything
between 1 and 8). On MS.NET, the option 1 executes normaly. On mono, it
freezes after looking for the category of the first product. (Testing with
other DB, a Exception regarding type conversion is thrown when the first
DataReader proceeds with the nest Read() )


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