[Mono-devel-list] Installing Mono from CVS for the first time mini How-to

jcornado jcornado at grandecom.net
Tue Dec 16 17:18:00 EST 2003

Since installing from CVS seems a problem for people new to mono or
over-dependent on rpms like myself on both counts (I just spent hours
trying to install mono + debugger from scratch)

I decided to put all the information that I gathered in this e-mail.

My configuration is: 

RH 8.0 (kernel 2.4.20)

Note: Took default options in all cases and used /usr/local across the

Step 1)

Verify that your box has the current ICU components. My box did not have
them by default. Download page:


The instructions and installation are short and easy.

Step 2)

If you previously installed Mono via rpm, get rid of it.
As one of the threads mentioned, make SURE that there is no mcs in the

Step 3)

Get the sources from CVS or ANONCVS: mono, mcs, and gtk-sharp
Get the 0.50 version of the debugger released last week.

Get the latest monocharge and monolite. Monocharge has
Mono.GetOptions.dll. This file is needed by the debbuger and does not
come with monolite.

Step 4)

Copy the contents of monolite to <mono dir you got from CVS>/runtime
Copy monolite*/mcs.exe to /usr/local/bin
Copy monolite*/*.dll to /usr/local/lib

(I am sure that some of these files are redundant)

Make sure that LD_LIBRARY_PATH has /usr/local/lib. This should pick up
the icu and other libraries needed.

export MONO_PATH=/usr/local/lib

Make sure that PKG_CONFIG_PATH points to <mono dir you got from CVS>,
since this dir has mono.pc.This file is needed by autogen.sh

Step 4)

To build mono follow these steps:

(From <mono dir you got from CVS>)

make (ignore any file not found messages)
make -k install (ignore any file not found messages)
make fullbuild

I get an error late in (Npgsql), but mono and the main libraries are
ready by then.

Step 5)

Change to the dir where 0.50 Debugger was unpacked.

Copy Mono.GetOptions.dll to /usr/local/lib. (The first time around make
complained about this)

export JAY=(From <mcs dir you got from CVS>)/jay/jay

make install

These should cover most of the basics to get started and got me going.
Most likely I will need to change some things but I can continue.

Thanks a lot to the people who started and augmented the previous

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