[Mono-devel-list] Intellisense when editing

Richard McGrath richard.mcgrath at netsvic.org.au
Tue Dec 9 22:46:46 EST 2003

Does anyone know if there is an editor that can be used on Linux that 
has an 'intellisense' feature, like in Visual Studio.  That is when you 
are typing, and type a dot after a class, for example, a little window 
pops up allowing you to select the appropriate namespace/method/property 

Then while you are actually typing it might bring up another little 
pop-up window and display the arguments needed for a method.

Does this yet exist on a Linux platform in an editor that can do C#?  I 
have used eclipse with C# highlighting, but do not know if it can do 
what I described above or not.


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