[Mono-devel-list] class library issues

Ian MacLean ianm at ActiveState.com
Sun Apr 27 10:12:41 EDT 2003

I've come across a couple of class library issues in the latest cvs. The 
SetAttributes method of the File class throws an unhandled exception :

string somefile = @"/home/ianm/dev/test/csharp/somefile.cs";
File.SetAttributes( somefile, FileAttributes.Normal );

and the constructor for the Uri class no longer accepts a raw file path. 
  If I prepend file:// to the path it works otherwise I get  :

Unhandled Exception: System.UriFormatException: Invalid URI: The 
hostname could not be parsed at URI.Parse

//somefile = @"file://" + somefile;
Uri newURI = new Uri( somefile );

This is new since 0.23. .Net accepts a raw file path also. What does the 
spec say on this ?

Is it better to post these kinds of issues here or should i just add 
them to the Ximian bug database ?


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