[Mono-devel-list] Boot-strap mcs under cygwin

Mark Moore mark.moore at notlimited.com
Sat Apr 19 22:25:24 EDT 2003


There are only three differences (all missing files) between the cvs version
tagged with MCS_0_23, and the mcs 0.23 tarball (mcs-0.23.tar.gz):

    Files mcs/mcs/ChangeLog and mcs-0.23/mcs/ChangeLog differ
    Files mcs/mcs/class.cs and mcs-0.23/mcs/class.cs differ
    Files mcs/mcs/expression.cs and mcs-0.23/mcs/expression.cs differ

I captured this by executing the following commands:

    rm -rf mcs mcs-0.23
    tar xvf mcs-0.23.tar.gz
    diff -qrNx CVS mcs mcs-0.23

When I did the equivalent procedure with the mono 0.23 tarball, there were
over 200 differences!

    $ diff -qrN -x CVS -x .cvsignore mono mono-0.23 | wc -l

One other annoyance was that the mono and mcs tarballs are *NOT* compressed
even though they have the .gz suffix.  Notice I had to use "tar xvf" instead
of "tar xzvf".

The effect of this is that WinZip thinks the archive is corrupted, and
doesn't offer much help: "Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid
archive. If you downloaded this file, try downloading the file again."

It looks like this has been going on a while since the 0.22 archives have
the same problem...

BTW, here's the complete list of differences in mono 0.23:

$ diff -qr -x CVS -x .cvsignore mono mono-0.23
Only in mono-0.23: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23: aclocal.m4
Only in mono: autogen.sh
Only in mono-0.23: config.guess
Only in mono-0.23: config.h.in
Only in mono-0.23: config.sub
Only in mono-0.23: configure
Only in mono-0.23/data: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/doc: Makefile.in
Only in mono/doc: MonoIcon.png
Only in mono/doc: class-status.in
Only in mono/doc: classlib-doc
Only in mono/doc: crypto
Only in mono/doc: gtk-sharp
Only in mono/doc: ibmdb2
Only in mono/doc: mbas
Only in mono/doc: mono-beginning
Only in mono/doc: mono-beginning-windows.xml
Only in mono/doc: mono-beginning.xml
Only in mono/doc: mono-contribution-howto
Only in mono/doc: oracle
Only in mono/doc: other
Only in mono/doc: provider-factory
Only in mono/doc: release-notes
Only in mono/doc: screenshots
Only in mono/doc: web
Only in mono-0.23/docs: Makefile.in
Only in mono/docs: internal-calls
Only in mono/docs: jit-regalloc
Only in mono/docs: mono_handle_d
Only in mono/docs: remoting
Only in mono/docs: threading
Only in mono-0.23: install-sh
Only in mono-0.23: ltmain.sh
Only in mono-0.23/man: Makefile.in
Only in mono/man: cert2spc.1
Only in mono/man: secutil.1
Only in mono-0.23: missing
Only in mono-0.23: mkinstalldirs
Only in mono-0.23/mono: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/mono/arch: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/mono/arch/alpha: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/mono/arch/arm: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/mono/arch/arm: arm_dpimacros.h
Only in mono-0.23/mono/arch/ppc: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/mono/arch/s390: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/mono/arch/sparc: Makefile.in
Only in mono/mono/arch/sparc: test.c
Only in mono-0.23/mono/arch/x86: Makefile.in
Only in mono/mono/arch/x86: test.c
Only in mono-0.23/mono/benchmark: Makefile.in
Only in mono/mono/benchmark: divun.cs
Only in mono/mono/benchmark: zipmark.cs
Only in mono-0.23/mono/cil: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/mono/dis: Makefile.in
Only in mono/mono/dis: push-pop.h
Only in mono-0.23/mono/handles: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/mono/interpreter: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/mono/io-layer: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/mono/jit: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/mono/jit: codegen-x86.c
Only in mono-0.23/mono/jit: codegen.h
Only in mono/mono/jit: interp.brg
Only in mono-0.23/mono/metadata: Makefile.in
Only in mono/mono/metadata: typedef.c
Only in mono-0.23/mono/monoburg: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/mono/monograph: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/mono/os: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/mono/os/unix: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/mono/os/win32: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/mono/tests: Makefile.in
Only in mono/mono/tests: ackermann.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: array2.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: autoresetevents.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: bench1.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: binwritter.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: codegen-interfaces.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: codegen.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: codegen2.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: dataslot.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: enum3.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: exception9.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: fib.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: lock.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: manualresetevents.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: mis.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: mutexes.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: nested-loops.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: process1.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: process2.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: random.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: sieve.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: stream-writer.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: switch-string.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: tests-config
Only in mono/mono/tests: thread-signal-wait.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: thread2.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: thread3.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: thread4.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: tight-loop.cs
Only in mono/mono/tests: unreachable-code.cs
Only in mono-0.23/mono/utils: Makefile.in
Only in mono/mono: wrapper
Only in mono: notes
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: Accessibility.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: Cscompmgd.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: I18N.CJK.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: I18N.MidEast.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: I18N.Other.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: I18N.Rare.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: I18N.West.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: I18N.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: Microsoft.VisualC.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: Mono.CSharp.Debugger.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: Mono.Data.DB2Client.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: Mono.Data.MySql.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: Mono.Data.PostgreSqlClient.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: Mono.Data.SqliteClient.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: Mono.Data.SybaseClient.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: Mono.Data.Tds.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: Mono.Data.TdsClient.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: Mono.GetOptions.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: Mono.PEToolkit.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: NUnitCore_mono.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: System.Configuration.Install.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: System.Data.OracleClient.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: System.Data.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: System.Drawing.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: System.EnterpriseServices.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: System.Runtime.Remoting.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Soap.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: System.Security.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: System.Web.Services.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: System.Web.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: System.Windows.Forms.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: System.Xml.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: System.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: corlib.dll
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: ilasm.exe
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: mbas.exe
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: mcs.exe
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: monoresgen.exe
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: secutil.exe
Only in mono-0.23/runtime: sqlsharp.exe
Only in mono: samples
Only in mono-0.23/scripts: Makefile.in
Only in mono-0.23: stamp-h.in
Only in mono: status

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> Any way, the reason the build was failing was in the mcs/mcs folder.
> Specifically, it looks like class.cs, and expression.cs weren't tagged
> the MCS_0_23 label.

Yes, we lost three files on CVS recently that had to be regenerated from
patch files (turns out the backups were dead since December). 


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