[Mono-devel-list] Socket Send/ReceiveTimeouts

Matthias Sessler sessler at in.tum.de
Thu Apr 3 05:17:07 EST 2003

> I'm sorry, is it correct that this code closes the socket
> on send or receive timeout? If so I don't think that's
> right. I believe that on systems that do support setting of
> SO_RCVTIMEO and SO_SNDTIMEO the way to go is obviously to
> employ these options. On systems that do not support these
> I would call select or poll with appropriate timeout just
> before send/recv.
I don't know how other systems work with these settings, but from what 
i tested, the ms .net framework closes the socket, after a timeout 
A solution would be to try to set these settings and if a Exception is 
thrown, use my code. But this would result in different behaivour on 
different mono plattforms which sould at least be documented if not 

> Additionally, although I didn't analyze the code carefully
> enough, it looks like it might be a subject to race conditions.
I hope not. These are the scenarios that i considered:

1. Timeout apears while socket is waiting:
- timeout method closes the socket, Exception is thrown, everything is 

2. Timeout apears after the internal socket method returned.
2.1 the DisableTimeout method is first to lock the timer object
- the timeout is disabled, and a TimeoutActive is set to false (this is 
set to true in the InitTimeout methods)
- then the OnTimeout method acquires the lock and because TimeoutActive 
is false, the socket will not be closed
- the method returns correct

2.2 the OnTimeout method is first to lock the timer object
- the OnTimeout method closes the socket
- then the DisableTimeout method acquires the lock and because the 
socket is closed, the method will throw a SocketException

3. The Timeout apears after the send/receive returned
- timeout is disabled everything is fine.

If i missed something please tell me.

The only downside is 2.2 where you got the result, but have to throw it 
away. I found know way to perhibit this. At least it returns a correct 
(Exception and socket closed/value and sockte open) to the upper level.


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