[Mono-devel-list] Socket Send/ReceiveTimeouts

Aleksey Demakov avd at openlinksw.com
Thu Apr 3 02:40:12 EST 2003


I'm sorry, is it correct that this code closes the socket
on send or receive timeout? If so I don't think that's
right. I believe that on systems that do support setting of
SO_RCVTIMEO and SO_SNDTIMEO the way to go is obviously to
employ these options. On systems that do not support these
I would call select or poll with appropriate timeout just
before send/recv.

Additionally, although I didn't analyze the code carefully
enough, it looks like it might be a subject to race conditions.


Matthias Sessler wrote:
> Hi
> A few months ago i filed a bug about not working Send/RecieveTimeouts on 
> mono (http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=38662). In the attached 
> Socket.cs is support for Timeouts added to the newest cvs version. I ran 
> a test an it works for me and behaves like the ms version. It has been 
> tested on mono-0.23 on gentoo linux 1.4rc2et is closed. I used only C# 
> code so this should work on all mono supported Plattforms.
> Would somebody please check if this is ok and comit the changes to cvs.
> Thank You
> regards
> Matthias Seßler

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