[Mono-bugs] [Bug 670294] AddSubview and Garbage collection

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--- Comment #18 from Jonathan Clement <clementj at exactmodus.com> 2011-05-20 13:17:10 UTC ---
Unfortunately, Geoff is not working for Novell anymore
http://blog.sublimeintervention.com/archive/2011/May-19.html. All the Mono team
has switch to Xamarin (http://www.xamarin.com/).

I don't work for either companies, but I had experienced a similar problem than
your. If unregistering to all events still cause memory problem, maybe the
cause lies somewhere else.

If you use a lot of UIImageView try :
 1- imageView.Image.Dispose();
 2- imageView.Image = null;

In my projects, if a create an UIImage from NSData, I MUST do both Dispose()
AND set to null. Otherwise, unmanaged image memory is not released. This can
lead quickly to memory warning.

Good luck.

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