[Mono-bugs] [Bug 670294] AddSubview and Garbage collection

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--- Comment #17 from Mohamed Azmy <azmy at ebseg.com> 2011-05-20 10:13:41 UTC ---
Dear Geoff,

What I understand of this issue is that GC is not able to determine that class
is in use or not given the events or similar cases 

I am suggesting as a quick solution is to have a flag on object level to
indicate to GC that it is OK to collect this object (or make a method on GC
itself to tell GC to collect an object  passed to this method in its next
collection cycle)

As a programmer i would set this flag (or call the method) when i am sure i
will not use the object again so that GC would blindly collect this object and
free all memory related to it back to iOS

Please note that in my current code I do call Dispose on every single object to
try to force its memory to free however this is not helping to fully return all
memory and program still runs out of memory and is terminated by iOS and I am
assuming that if GC collects the class without my call to Dispose it should be
able to totally clear the memory completely without any leaks 

Awaiting your quick feedback on the suggested quick fix above and a near date
to have to available 


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