[Mono-bugs] [Bug 691423] Socket.Available == 1 when socket.Receive return 0

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Wed May 4 03:42:16 EDT 2011



--- Comment #4 from Peter Hultqvist <peter at endnode.se> 2011-05-04 07:42:16 UTC ---
That was my first attempt at addressing this issue. But that answer only
address the socket.Receive not the socket.Available.

In the following answer Poll and Available is used to determine if a connection
is closed.

This is the method I have been trying to use but it fails. Even though a
socket.Receive return 0 which indicate a closed connection, socket.Available
still return 1.

I have also read the MSDN documentation about available. There I can only find
that Available is the number of bytes ready to read or that it throws a
SocketException if the connection is closed, nothing about returning 1.

If this is a bug in the documentation I will take this issue elsewhere.

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