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--- Comment #3 from Amir Waldman <amirw2k at gmail.com> 2011-03-23 14:40:03 UTC ---
For developers it doesn't matter because they don't use integers values
directly. I'm basing this on the fact that I can call a resource from the
library based on an ID set in the main assembly, so I hope it is a valid

For MonoDroid to do the work, things are a little more complicated as I see it.
For example when two projects use the same class library those integers may
change for the class library! 

When you build the main assembly you have to update the Resource.Designer.cs
file in both the main assembly and the referenced class library (which is wrong
to do but still works, hence a workaround). When you build the Class library
you can give fake IDs (which again, is wrong). The only time that those ID
numbers matter is when you package the APK.

I have no idea how they're generated either. I assumed that you developed this
algorithm... In case you can control it, I'd generate them based on a unique
identifier used by the project to make sure these IDs never collide. If you can
manage to do that, of course there's no need to update the Resource.Designer.cs
in class libraries.

I hope it can work out for you :)

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