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--- Comment #4 from Bill Seddon <bill.seddon at lyquidity.com> 2011-03-03 20:15:36 UTC ---
I've been following the instructions on the HelloWorld page of the

- You create a new project from the template.


- How are you triggering running it? (F5, Debug->Start Debugging, etc)


- Are you deploying to an emulator or device?

Emulator.  I downloaded the Android SDK, Monodroid and JDK today (to give you
an idea of the builds involved).  I downloaded the Android SDK zip file so had
to fixup the path on the MonoDroid page of the VS2010 tools.

- Does the app successfully build and deploy?


- Does the app successfully run?


- Will it stop at a breakpoint?

I've not got this far.  I've just followed the advice on the HelloWorld page
which wants noobs like me to run the app with as little opportunity of screwing
up as possible.  

Where I have deviated is to to use the Deploy option on the context menu of the
project node of the Solution Explorer window.  As mentioned in the previous
message, after changing the name of the project (by editing the project node of
the solutions explorer) and deploying the problem occurs.

It is deployed (the existing app is closed and uninstalled automatically), it
seems to run OK but the menu options in VS are grayed out as you've seen.

- How are you "stopping" debugging? (Closing app on device, Debug->Stop
Debugging, etc)

As you will appreciate from the above, I'm not.  

- Are there any error messages in the Android log? [1]

Sorry, noob question: where is the log?  There are no VS errors, warnings or
messages listed.

- If the app is successfully deployed, can you go run it on the device without
VS and it properly works?

We'll I've not tried using it without VS being open.  I don't know enough to do
that.  But as you will have read I'm not debugging, just deploying.  But as far
as that goes, yes, it seems to work OK.  I've changed the app name using the
ActivityAttribute, added a button which shows a toast when clicked.  Simple
stuff but it works.

- What version do you have installed? (Help->About Visual Studio->MonoDroidVS)


For the record, to use C# to create apps so great job.

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