[Mono-bugs] [Bug 702110] Form content is out of the from window at bottom right while using GroupBox

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--- Comment #2 from Arth Patel <arth.svnit at gmail.com> 2011-06-26 18:36:40 UTC ---
Thanks Thomas,
It worked as charm.
I never compiled the code in mono on my ubuntu, instead I used precompiled
executable on mono.
While playing with these two, I found out that AutoScaleDimension was the one
making it sick.
I think it override the default value, set by mono, suitable for my ubuntu.
I also came to know that on microsoft .Net platform, they use PerformAutoScale
method to make appearance correct on a machine which has different dimensions.
msdn site states as under.

"The AutoScaleDimensions property represents the DPI or font setting of the
screen that the control was scaled to or designed for. Specifically, at design
time this property will be set by the Windows Forms designer to the value your
monitor is currently using. Then, when the form loads at run time, if the
CurrentAutoScaleDimensions property is different from the AutoScaleDimensions,
the PerformAutoScale method will be called to perform scaling of the control
and all of its children. Afterwards, AutoScaleDimensions will be updated to
reflect the new scaling size."

I wonder if mono has implemented AutoScaleDimension depending on the DPI &
default font of the host OS?
If it is implemented already, shouldn't it be correcting the value at runtime?
[ Value generated by Visual studio was SizeF(6F, 13F) & I figured SizeF(6.8F,
13.7F) was perfect for me. Also this.AutoScaleDimension =
CurrentAutoScaleDimension; worked fine ]
Thanks once again.

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