[Mono-bugs] [Bug 632510] Enhancement: Allow Default Device to be set

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--- Comment #12 from Jonathan Dick <jondick at gmail.com> 2011-01-31 23:18:39 UTC ---
Maybe default device isn't the best terminology, but something should really be
done so we don't always have to pick a device.

Here are some ideas:
a) If there is only one device connected, use it.
b) associate a device with a default device with a build configuration?  If the
device is not found, show the window...
c) Have on the debug menu, a run with menu, that has a list of devices.  Then
the default device would still be applicable the way you have it now?

Problem is, I click debug, and it builds, I go look at something else in the
meantime, and forget the darn select device window is open.  So I end up
wasting a bunch of time because it's just sitting there (window never comes to
the foreground).

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