[Mono-bugs] [Bug 661858] Allow the use of Jar files to be used in MonoDroid

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Tue Feb 8 18:12:50 EST 2011



--- Comment #5 from Jonathan Pryor <jpryor at novell.com> 2011-02-08 23:12:50 UTC ---
One last thing we need to figure out wrt (2): is the .jar compiled into the
apk or not?

If not, then we don't need to run 'dx' on it, but it requires that the .jar
"somehow" be present on the phone already.  Based on what I see in
/system/frameworks in the emulator, I don't think this is the case, and I don't
see how it could possibly work for 3rd part add-ons.

More likely is that once we get the filename for (2), we then need to include
the .jar as if doing (1).

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