[Mono-bugs] [Bug 689490] IgnoreList is not being appropriately handled when a rule is run against a type, when the rule enumerates the types members (for instance, AvoidSpeculativeGenerality)

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--- Comment #4 from Sebastien Pouliot <spouliot at novell.com> 2011-04-28 00:50:28 UTC ---
It's hard to provide a concise yet complete answer. Beside the actual
explanation it would needs some comparisons and a few examples. Which leads to
more questions (like splitting rules) needing more answers, comparisons,
examples... to the point where the original question is often forgotten ;-)

So the short answer is "what's being ignored (or suppressed) are defects - not
code". That's true for Gendarme and AFAIK it's also the same for FxCop.

If this is too short an answer then you're welcome to bring the issue to the
mailing-list for further discussion, i.e. a longer answer(s), since bug reports
are not a good place to store them (and this could interest other people, now
or in the future).

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