[Mono-bugs] [Bug 689490] IgnoreList is not being appropriately handled when a rule is run against a type, when the rule enumerates the types members (for instance, AvoidSpeculativeGenerality)

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--- Comment #3 from Ethan Brown <ethan_j_brown at hotmail.com> 2011-04-26 14:52:24 UTC ---
I entirely understand your rationale.  However, this rule does use individual
methods as a basis for making its determination as you know -- 

i.e. MostlyMethodsDelegatesCall 


Imagine a class with a whole bunch of methods, something like this pseudo-code:

class MyClass

public void IntentionallySpeculative() {}

public void Foo() {}

public void UnintentionallySpeculative() {}


So let's say the original author is OK with method IntentionallySpeculative...
that's by design.  Assume UnintentionallySpeculative is something accidental. 
Maybe it's a code change made by a different author.

If the original author applied the [SuppressMessage] on the class, any
additional speculative methods would be hidden in future code changes --
they're masked.  

So I feel like applying at a class level for my scenario is the inappropriate
level of abstraction.

Perhaps there are 2 rules here.  If AvoidSpeculativeGenerality could be split
into a method level rule to handle my scenario vs a type level rule to handle
the 'abstract class without responsiblity' type issues, that would solve the

Does that make sense?

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