[Mono-bugs] [Bug 643958] Resource directory in the project solution should be lowercase

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--- Comment #7 from Jonathan Pryor <jpryor at novell.com> 2010-11-02 13:37:39 UTC ---
Could we?  Certainly.

Could we for 1.0?  *shakes magic 8 ball*   "Outlook not so good."

*Should* we?  This is possibly the hardest question.  The benefit to sticking
with Android tooling includes the obvious -- less stuff that we need to write
and maintain and debug and... -- and the less obvious: if (when?) they change
the internal implementation details, we'll get the new changes "for free."

Of course, *if* they change said implementation details, they'll need to
provide some degree of backward compatibility (or risk breaking all existing
apps on the Marketplace), but it's entirely plausible that they'll add support
for some "new" style of resource that previous Android SDKs don't support and
which developers will want to use.  At that point, there become ~two options:

 1. If MonoDroid continues to use the Android tooling, the new resource types 
    will either be immediately available or available with minimal changes
    to MonoDroid, allowing use of them by developers.

 2. If MonoDroid "rewrites" the Android tooling, we'll need to check what 
    changes were made and (potentially) rewrite them to integrate with our
    "new" system.  There's ~no chance that this can be done in less time
    than (1).

My current gut feeling is that anything that's ~directly used by Android should
use the Android toolchain (and in some cases this is required, which is why
monodroid generates Java proxies for managed types which subclass
Java.Lang.Object), and for anything more ".NET-like" we'll rewrite as
appropriate atop the underlying infrastructure.  Failure to do so will likely
result in "leaky abstractions" (which is probably already a problem), and will
require that developers "deeply" understand both toolchains.

In short, I am deeply, deeply, unsure about which is "best," but I'm quite sure
that this isn't going to change drastically for 1.0.

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