[Mono-bugs] [Bug 424002] Drawing offsets, AA, Stroke/Fill does not exactly match MS GDI+

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--- Comment #5 from David Glick <dglick at dracorp.com> 2010-01-29 19:27:55 UTC ---
Has there been any progress on this bug? I've discovered a case where it causes
some pretty severe problems. If you render text to a GraphicsPath using
AddString with antialiasing, when you go to render the text using FillPath the
semi-transparent pixels all become solid and the outline kicks in. This has the
effect of making the text impossible to read.

This approach (using a GraphicsPath to draw text instead of a straight up
DrawString call) is used a lot for creating text effects like outlines.
Specifically, we're porting a GIS framework and can't get acceptable results
for the labels on the map because of this issue.

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