[Mono-bugs] [Bug 548346] [SIM] objc_msgSend_stret which returns a struct containing a double does a ret $0x4 leaving the stack misaigned

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--- Comment #7 from Craig Dunn <craig.dunn at conceptdevelopment.net> 2010-01-21 10:19:11 UTC ---
I still see this error (on 1.4.5). Made some notes on the forum:

My "guess" is (as I said in the forum) that it is related to whether the
MKUserLocation annotation is on the MKMapView when you access the .Annotations
property. Seems to break when the blue dot is there, but works when it's not.
I've managed to make it "work" both by setting Map.ShowsUserLocation = false;
but _also_ by calling the .Annotations property _quickly_ before CoreLocation
has figured out where I am -- so .Annotations will work straight away, but fail
once the blue dot has dropped in.

Apple's doco says of MKMapView.Annotations
"The objects in this array must adopt the MKAnnotation protocol"

And of MKUserLocation
"Conforms to: MKAnnotation, NSObject"

However in MonoTouch...
MKAnnotation : NSObject
MKUserLocation : NSObject  -- no common ancestor, therefore impossible to
return in MKAnnotation[]

I could be way off - all this is just based on observation. I have tested on
simulator and device with Map.ShowsUserLocation = false AND = true... seems to
confirm the observation (.Annotations property only works when no
MKUserLocation is present).

Much like MKMapView.AddAnnotationObject(NSObject) was added to the API, perhaps
NSObject[] MKMapView.AnnotationObjects makes sense?


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