[Mono-bugs] [Bug 536816] textfield.Ended doesn't fire unless textfield.AllEditingEvents also 'wired up'

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--- Comment #4 from Manfred Pohler <Manfred at pp-p.net> 2010-01-18 22:14:49 UTC ---
I keep it short - using iPhone.
Allevents includes ..DidEndOnExit therefore it works

the Name is à Bit confusing in oC its different

anyhow the Concept of "the existance of a handler changes ..." is normal in
iPhone devel

example if tablesource has a ...Move.. Handler you'll get "Row reorder
rows have a drag handle and are moveable
or add a commiteditingstyle... Händler and a swipe Gesture brings in the delete

One of the "get started pdfs" from Apple dev Center explains the concepts

I Never coded oC I did Asm, C, C++ and .Net langs
but reading through These documents helped me à Lot

Manfred who hates auto correction on His German iPhone :)

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