[Mono-bugs] [Bug 536816] textfield.Ended doesn't fire unless textfield.AllEditingEvents also 'wired up'

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--- Comment #3 from Craig Dunn <craig.dunn at conceptdevelopment.net> 2010-01-18 20:42:12 UTC ---
Thanks for the tips Manfred.

I tried this event handler on its own (based on my original code), and it works

textfieldInput.EditingDidEndOnExit += delegate {

Then I read your comments more closely, and tried this (which also works!)
// Empty event handler - no ResignFirstResponder needed!?
textfieldInput.EditingDidEndOnExit += delegate { };

BUT, note that this DIDN'T work 
textfieldInput.EditingDidEnd += delegate {}

while this DID work 
textfieldInput.AllEditingEvents += delegate {}
textfieldInput.EditingDidEnd += delegate {}

ie. the same empty delegate on EditingDidEnd (which you suggested) doesn't
affect the behaviour of the keyboard unless AddEditingEvents is also wired

I still don't understand why the .Ended event only gets triggered when an
AllEditingEvents event is also wired up (as per the screenshot
or why the .EditingDidEnd event behaves that way too.

Anyway - you have answered my question - thank you! The idea of behaviour
changing just because of the _existence_ of an event handler also seems foreign
to me. I'm not sure I've seen that before in .NET - is this from Objective-C?
It seems like a "marker Interface" but instead it's a "marker handler"? I'm
still not sure I quite understand the varying behaviour described above.


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