[Mono-bugs] [Bug 537764] Mono crashes on OS X Snow Leopard

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--- Comment #28 from Laurent Etiemble <laurent.etiemble at gmail.com> 2010-01-08 22:15:18 UTC ---
Geoff and Rodriguo,

I don't understand this point. From my understanding, foreign threads are
neither created nor destructed by the Mono runtime, but enrolled when they make
their first managed call and destroyed when their TSD are cleanup. So, the only
hooks I have found are in the libgc, but maybe I have missed something.

I don't know how Mono deals with Win32 threads, especially how it handles
foreign threads. My primary goal is to make the API work with pthread and then
get more information on how to integrate them with Win32.

Got it. I will look at the profiler to make a more consistent proposal.

For now, the API is only targeting the foreign thread lifecycle, not the
threads own by the Mono's runtime. Maybe it could be extended to support all
the threads (owned and foreign).


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