[Mono-bugs] [Bug 402833] Slow memory allocation in multi-thread app

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Wed Jan 6 14:40:33 EST 2010



--- Comment #12 from Ted Unangst <tedu at fogcreek.com> 2010-01-06 19:40:31 UTC ---
Here's an actual patch that appears to work better, using the existing spin
lock code, along with some numbers for a simple multithreaded test case on a
dual core mac mini.

1 thread:
real    0m0.307s
user    0m0.276s
sys     0m0.027s
4 threads:
real    0m5.830s
user    0m3.595s
sys     0m5.427s

1 thread:
real    0m0.352s
user    0m0.319s
sys     0m0.029s
4 threads:
real    0m0.812s
user    0m1.081s
sys     0m0.193s

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