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--- Comment #6 from Michael Hutchinson <mhutchinson at novell.com> 2010-08-19 19:53:46 UTC ---
MonoTouch is slightly different because the device and simulator use different
binaries, hence different platforms, so we can select which to use based on the
active platform. It only makes sense to run using the current active platform,
because that's what we have binaries for.

However, the Apple iOS simulator does have several different devices & OS
version it can simulate, so we had to give the user the ability to use
different ones.

We did this using a per-user, per-solution setting "iPhone Simulator Target",
which can be selected from a combo menu, like the active configuration and
platform setting. This is stored in MD's *.sln.userprefs files, roughly
equivalent to to VS *.suo files.

Run and Debug commands always run with the current default simulator target.
There is also a "run with" menu that allows quickly running using any available
sim target without changing the default.

I suggest we do something similar for MonoDroid, but combining both virtual and
physical device. I'd also add a combo box to the VS toolbar, with an item at
the bottom for editing the virtual device - similar to the VS active
configuration picker, or the WP7 device/sim picker combo.

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