[Mono-bugs] [Bug 531630] Managed PDB generation is broken

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Fri Oct 16 06:07:13 EDT 2009


User a.buriak at it-territory.ru added comment

--- Comment #1 from Alexander Buryak <a.buriak at it-territory.ru>  2009-10-16 04:07:12 MDT ---
Rashly said that the revision #132172 has no problems :(

There is another bug in
/trunk/cecil/pdb/Mono.Cecil.Pdb/Mono.Cecil.Pdb/PdbWriter.cs:181 - Patch()

Bug occurs when a blob returned by m_writer.GetDebugInfo() is larger than old
one - new blob overwrites some data of the blob next to it. That makes patched
DLL/EXE unusable: all tools and runtime report errors on load.

Latests revision still has this problem.

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