[Mono-bugs] [Bug 507446] Printing does not work

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--- Comment #5 from Mario Suric <mario.suric at yahoo.com>  2009-05-28 06:05:56 MDT ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> Printing works for me, at least on Windows.  If I recompile the attached app to
> not require the font "DejaVu Sans", it runs ok and prints successfully.
> Hopefully someone else can run the test on Linux to test for you.
> Are you running the app with --debug (i.e. mono --debug foobar.exe).  If not,
> do so and hopefully there'll be an nice exception. :-)
> However, the ReportViewer.exe sample from the original bug (bug 504604) hits a
> MonoTODO, see bug 507739.  You can maybe workaround that bug for now -- since
> the code in ReportViewer **seems** to read a value and then set the same value
> back.

If you want to test it on Linux, you can take Virtual box and install openSuse
11.1. Add cups-pdf, install latest mono and test. You need two hours to prepare

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