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--- Comment #4 from Mario Suric <mario.suric at yahoo.com>  2009-05-28 06:03:01 MDT ---

This test application was made to test printing on Linux (that is why I used
DejaVu fonts - just to eliminate it as a potential problem). I tested it on
openSuse 11.1 and Ubuntu 9.04. On both system cups-pdf printer was installed. I
could print from Open Office to this printer without any problem. 

This application prints on windows. But please note that even on Windows, the
print dialog does not show the "Properties..." button. Just start the code
using MS .NET and not Mono and you will see.

I did not investigate why code in bug 504604 is crashing also on Windows. I am
doint some more thing before I print. However, on Linux printing does not work.
Printers are not even listed in the Name Combo Box of the Print Dialog.
Pressing OK, on Linux (openSuse 11.1 and Ubuntu 9.04) causes crashing.

However, both codes are working fine on MS .NET.

I did not understand what you mean the application "reads a vaule and then set
the same value back". What value?

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